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12-Month Pre-paid Gift Subscription


$384 for 12 Months

Includes two 12oz bags of any of our Signature Blends delivered once a month for twelve months and a diner mug with the first delivery.

Side Hustle Medium Roast Blend: Side Hustle is a nod to our journey from part-time gig to full-time reality and a salute to all those pursuing their side project with passion, purpose, and perseverance. Side Hustle is a well-balanced coffee with notes of chocolate, nougat, and a green apple acidity.

1819 Medium Roast Blend: An ode to our alma mater, 1819 is a celebration of the founding spirit and the pursuit of excellence. With flavors of toasted almond, vanilla, and a subtle hint of black cherry this blend is great for sipping on The Lawn or cheering on the Hoos.

Night Shift Dark Roast Blend: With a subtle smokiness and a complex sweetness, our dark roast is the perfect coffee for sharing around a campfire or sipping as you burn the midnight oil.

Ethiopian Decaf Mountain Water Process Decaf: The Mountain Water Process uses only water and osmosis to remove caffeine, yielding a flavorful and intricate cup. With notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry this Ethiopian Sidamo has everything (minus the caffeine).

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12-Month Pre-paid Gift Subscription